Website Design & Development

You do not just need a website, you need one that effectively tells your story and increases donations and engagement.

We can help you plan, execute and launch the website you need.

Storytelling & Content Strategy

Your website and marketing is only as good as the content you write and the stories you can tell.

We can work with you to develop a strong storytelling and content strategy for your organiation and marketing materials.

Donation Processing & CRM Integration

Your online donation systems should be working for you, not against you.

We can help you find the best solution and strategy help make it easy for donors to give.

Social Media Management

Your social media strategy needs a plan in order to be successful.

We can help increase engagement and maximize your the impact of your social media strategy.

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We're local to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon - but we work with clients all over the United States.

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Increase Engagement for your Marketing Campaigns

In our noisy, busy, over informed world, you can still create social media, email and marketing campaigns that will actually be opened and read by your donor base and community.

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True quotes from actual clients

Managing the systems required for a beautiful and engaging web presence can feel overwhelming. Todd has provided our team with attainable solutions to ensure our story is communicated the way we envision. He is responsive, approachable, and the right person to call for help. You won’t regret accessing his services and you’ll gain a great friend in the process.

Mary Robertson
Associate Director of Development, Compassion First

“When Snow Hill needed to reboot our website with a re-design, we wanted someone who could help us think through the particulars associated with church websites. We are not disappointed! Having known Todd for more than 15 years, I also knew his character and commitment to his craft. We, I, highly recommend Todd and 343 Consulting!”

Todd Littleton
Sr. Pastor, Snowhill Church

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We Recommend

We recommend these platforms and tools in our everday work wth Nonprofits.


Wordpress is our CMS of choice when building custom nonprofit websites.

Funraise - All in one CRM

We've spent way too much time testing giving platforms and CRMs, Funraise is simply best in class.


When it come to rock solid website hosting, nonthing beats Flywheel.

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Let our years of experience be your guide.

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