Your problem isn’t that your website is not “cool” or “pretty” – it is that it doesn’t answer the most basic questions your donors or customers are asking.


Clarify Your Marketing with Powerful Storytelling

Do your fundraising and storytelling efforts accurately reflect the amazing work your nonprofit does on a daily basis?

343 Consulting will redevelop or optimize your website, develop a social media strategy, grow your crowd funding campaigns, focus your email marketing or even run a fresh series of printed campaigns.


Streamline Your fundraising with Efficient Systems

Is your fundraising platform helping grow your annual budget and saving you more time so you can focus on what is important? 

Together we will explore fundraising platform options, like the right CRMcrowdfunding, to peer-to-peer fundraising, the best payment gateway, and others to determine the best platforms for your organization’s needs.

We can help maximize your online marketing efforts.

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True quotes from actual clients

Working with Todd is like working with someone from your own team. He quickly adapted to the culture and feel of our organization. Todd would go above and beyond to ensure our finished product exceeded all of our expectations.

Mike McDonald, Hear the Cry

Todd is an incredibly creative storyteller and an innovative strategist. He’s both professional and personal and he will make your mission his own.

Bill Cummings, Founder Lemonade International, Director of Strategic Development for ZOE

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