About 343 Consulting

343 Consulting is owned by Todd Hiestand.

Todd has been using technology to solve problems since his first job out of college as a poorly paid (and very tired) over-night security officer.

  • He has been developing WordPress websites for nonprofits and small businesses since 2004 – that’s like 497 years in internet years.
  • He dedicated 4 years to working in the crowdfunding and technology space where he consulted and interacted with hundreds of nonprofit leaders and organizations, focusing on best practices for fundraising with a focus on crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • He served on the board of directors of an international nonprofit for 7 years.
  • Most helped rebuild the forward facing marketing and fundraising backend processes and systems for as the Associate Director of Development of an international nonprofit.
  • He spent 14 years as a co-founder and Lead Pastor of an innovative local church in the Philadelphia area.
  • Todd and his wife parent four boys who constantly eat all their food.
  • His wife is big time, she co-runs an Original Goat Yoga location right outside of Portland, OR where help they care for 16 goats.

You can read more about Todd on his personal website.

You might be wondering, "What does the 343 in 343 Consulting stand for?"

Todd Hiestand


Here’s the story.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Todd Hiestand played college basketball. Before you find yourself too impressed, keep in mind that for his first two years his team was in the NCCAA (yes, there are two “C”s in there) and his final two years his team played on a provisional NCAA Division III level.

Still impressed?

We feel compelled to reveal that his freshman year his team lost a game by 71 points. His team actually scored 70 points. Yes, that means the other team doubled Todd’s team’s score.

It was not pretty. In fact, it got so bad that midway through the game the other team’s players started asking each other who’s turn it was to dunk next.

On this very impressive team Todd had one job: go in and shoot three pointers and then sit back down again. He didn’t pass much. He did not even dribble much. Did he play defense? Yes, but it wasn’t very effective.

He mostly just shot three pointers. And he did that job pretty well.

As of this writing, Todd still holds the 3rd and 5th highest single season 3-point shooting percentages in his school’s history. (He refuses to go check to see if this has changed recently).

With this being his role, his goal for each game was simple: Go 3 for 3 from behind the 3 point line.

He knew what he was good at. He focused on helping his team in that one simple way.

And that’s how we focus our consulting.

We help our clients by being as perfect as possible in the specific ways we are called to serve them.

We focus on our strengths, know what we are good at and know when we need to call in teammates for help.

With this approach, we are confident losing by 71 points is far behind us.

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