Measuring Engagement in your Digital Campaigns

When it comes to marketing plans / marketing management, one thing to emphasize is engaging the whole person. This means more than simply focusing your marketing efforts getting people to donate to your cause. Donations are obviously vital to your work, but they are not the only way you want to be engaging your audience.  Marketing efforts that focus only on converting donors for dollars can quickly become white noise to your donor base because of donor fatigue and the fact that you are singing only one tune they care about.

You want to be engaging the whole person. Your followers love your organization, not just because it provides them a means to be generous with their finances, but because they are human people that care about human issues. Your social media and online marketing strategies should invite them to engage with their whole selves.

At 343 Consulting, we look at four main spheres of donor engagement





While almost impossible to measure, this needs to be a vital part of your marketing strategy.  This is not about emotional manipulation, or re-exploitation of the people you work with,  but honest and realistic, emotional engagement with your work.  When people consume your marketing materials, it should move them emotionally. Their hard should be warmed, challenged or pulled as they engage with the story you are trying to share.


Another difficult aspect of your marketing that is hard to measure, yet another that is vital to full engagement of your donors.  Spiritual engagement is especially important vital for religious organizations. As a religious organization, you want to be engaging the folks you are communicating with on a spiritual level. This might mean inviting them to pray or even providing a form of spiritual encouragement or teaching. No matter how you do it, if you neglect this level of engagement, you are missing an important part of your calling as an organization.


When you are marketing to your audience, you need be invite them to engage with their time and physical self. For some organizations this is easier than others. Shelters, food pantries and organizations like these can invite people to come and volunteer their time. International organizations can invite volunteers to come visit the work in the field with a team or group of leaders. When these options are not available, it is often effective to invite potential partners to utilize their current peer networks to spread the hope and support the work through peer-to-peer fundraising or hosting house parties.


Finally, we get to the one that everyone always skips right to first. Of course, we all know that we need to be inviting our donor base to generously invest their finances in the work of our nonprofits. But, I am convinced the better we do at engaging the whole person (physical, spiritual, emotional) the more effective our appeals for financial engagement will be.

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