Website Development

Does your website feel like a blurry vision of who you acutally are?

We will help you plan, strategize and execute a clean and effective website based on your mission, visi njggon and goals.


Fundraising software

Is your fundraising platform working for you or against you?

We will help you select the software package that is right for you and will save you time and money so that you can spend more time raising funds, growing your programs and less time cussing at spreadsheets.


Social Media Strategy

Does your social media strategy feel aimless and ineffective?

Is it just not hitting the mark? We will work with you to put together and execute a strategy that puts your story in front of the people that matter most and help communicate your story to your world.


Fundraising Campaigns

Do your online fundraising campaigns feel stale and unfocused?

We will help you re-energize your online fundraising campaigns with fresh ideas and best practices that connect with your current donors, activate old ones and help you discover new ones.



Are your crowdfunding efforts falling short or are they simply non-existent?

We will help you build and maintain a crowdfunding plan and strategy to empower your donors to tell your story.


Email Marketing

Are your email campaigns feeling like a wasted effort?

We will help you focus these efforts to achieve maximum results and communicate the right stories to the right donors.

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