These plans are required for all hosting clients I work with. It offers you, and me, some peace of mind that the work we’ve done on your site will be kept up to date and secure with multiple back-ups tucked away for safe keeping.

What’s included?

  • Discounted Enterprise level hosting on (Flywheel WordPress Hosting) (at least a $50/month value)
  • Daily backups of files and database
  • Bi-weekly updates of WordPress and plugins. (Only applies to plugins that are available for updating through the repository.)
  • Daily off site backups of your database, theme, and media uploads. All files are stored for one month.

What’s not included?

  • Updates to plugins that are not part of the WordPress repository.
  • Design or functionality updates (These will be pre-approved and billed separately)
  • Troubleshooting if a plugin update causes a conflict or causes some functionality to stop working.
  • Backups of anything on your site that’s not part of your WordPress setup.
  • A guarantee you won’t get hacked. But keeping your site current provides your best defense, and in the worst case, we’ll have a backup available to restore your site from.

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